Dinner Table Topics

Jesus eats… a lot.  He eats with sinners, tax collectors, disciples, women, out-of-towners, Pharisees, scribes, prostitutes and crowds.  And in those conversations around the table, he challenges the sacredness of the law, our propensity for pride, and who is the greatest.  He talks in depth about sin and love and even demonstrated God’s love through holy communion around the table.

In September and October we are joining Jesus around the table in dinner groups.  Breaking bread together and sharing conversation about faith, life and some of the timeless topics and teaching of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

If you are not part of a dinner group and would like to be, contact Jayne Davis.

  • All I Have is Yours

    This week’s Table Topic comes from Luke 15:11-32.

    All I Have is Yours

    The Parable of the Prodigal Son is one of the most important teachings in all the Bible. It has enormous implications for our lives. Together, all three characters experience something different around the table, and we need to hear about and from all three.


    • What is your birth order in your family?  Are you the youngest?  The oldest?  Middle?  Only?  What is the best part and the worst part about occupying that place in the family?
    • How do rivalries or jealousies play into sibling relationships?
    • The father says, “All I have is yours,” yet the younger son grabs for what is ‘his’ and takes off.  In what ways do we do that?
    • The father says, “All I have is yours,” yet the elder son resents what is given to his brother.  In what ways do we do that?
    • What truth about God do you think Jesus wanted them to know when they got up from the table that day?
    • Where in your life might this truth come into play?

    By Rev. Jayne Davis