Those Who Are Forgiven Little, Love Little

This week’s Table Topic comes from Luke 7:36-50.

Those Who Are Forgiven Little, Love Little

Jesus is at a Pharisee’s house. A sinful woman comes to wash his feet with her hair. Simon, the Pharisee, rebukes Jesus for letting a sinful woman touch him. Jesus tells a quick parable, challenges Simon, and surprises the room. This moment has something to teach us even today about the nature of forgiveness.


  • Have you ever made a “grand gesture”?  Maybe a public proposal or going out of your way in a big way to let someone know you care?  Is it exciting?  Does it feel risky?
  • Have you ever had someone forgive a debt or release you from a difficult obligation?  What does that feel like? 
  • Have you ever really messed up and worried whether the other person was going to forgive you or not?  When they tell you that everything is good between you, what does that do to your relationship?
  • What truth about God do you think Jesus wanted them to know when they got up from the table that day?
  • Where in your life might this truth come into play?

By Rev. Jayne Davis

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