Those Who Serve are Greater

This week’s Table Topic comes from Luke 22:24-30.

Those Who Serve are Greater

Immediately following communion, the disciples argue about who among them is the greatest. Jesus squashes the conversation by answering their debate matter-of-factly. The greatest among us are those who choose to serve and not who expect to be served.


  • What is the worst service you’ve ever had at a restaurant or in a retail store?
  • If you’ve worked in a restaurant or retail store, what is the most demanding or unreasonable customer you’ve had to serve?
  • What is the most humbling job/task you’ve ever had to do?
  • What truth about God do you think Jesus wanted them to know when they got up from the table that day?
  • Where in your life might this truth come into play?

By Rev. Jayne Davis

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