In order to practice Self-Control, we need to become conscious of our habits, how we spend our time, or what we consume.

Keep a journal this week of a particular habit that may need to be reined in with self-control.  Note:

  • When or with whom it occurs through the week. 
  • What are your reflex responses? 
  • What would self-control look like?


Our lives are very cluttered.  The discipline of fasting is self-control in action.  Fasting is an active and time limited simplicity.  It clears the clutter, quells the noise, makes room for God to speak and move in our lives.

Make a plan to fast from technology this week.  What will you commit to? 

  • Putting your phone away during meals or after 9pm? 
  • Limiting screen time to a certain amount of time? 

What will you choose instead? 

  • Presence with others around the table? 
  • Presence with God in prayer? 
  • A good night’s rest?


“Confession is good for the soul.”

Find a trusted friend with whom to share your confession, or write it out in a journal.  Sharing our confession with another person or getting it out of our head and seeing it written down on paper heightens our awareness of our ongoing need for self-control in that area and helps us to be more accountable in our behavior.

By Rev. Jayne Davis

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