Be Where Your Feet Are

I recently started reading a book titled “Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving“, by Scott O’Neil.  Not to give the whole book away, but the premise is that we should seek to be present where we are.  I am tempted to always be looking to what is next… Christmas at First Baptist, Christmas at the Cove, Christmas Eve Services, family gatherings, arrival of our Sr. Pastor, 36th wedding anniversary, and my upcoming sabbatical this summer.  Although so much of my looking and planning forward may be important, it also can prove to be a stumbling block to my being very present where I am today, right now (be where your feet are).  Always looking to the future may cause us to miss those moments and people God has put in our lives.  

This Christmas, be where your feet are.

Being present is perhaps the best present (pun intended) we can give to those around us at home at work and at play.  Be where your feet are… when a friend needs a comforting hug during their first holiday without a parent.  Be where your feet are… when your spouse is having a tough day at work in order to listen, offer support and promise your unfailing love.  Be where your feet are… by seeing the needs around you and recognizing that God has blessed you in order to meet those needs.  As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, may we look to him as our example of be where your feet are.  God incarnate walking and talking with real people, in real time, being totally present.

By: John Daniels

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