Tired of Being Tired

Covid-19 has been knocking on the door since March of 2020.  Just a few short months ago I was dreaming of vacation and ready for things to finally start getting back to normal. Vacation came and went only to see the Delta variant and the Covid-19 world disruption continue.  I’m tired of it!  To be frank and honest, I’m tired… of being tired.  Changing plans, postponing events, taking precautions, staying safe…. It simply makes me tired.  The world attempts to scream “if you are tired consider buying a new mattress or perhaps the perfect pillow.”  I’ve already had a restful and relaxing vacation.  What can I do?  Then the answer came just a few weeks ago at the conclusion of our 11 o’clock worship service.  I was startled by the ringing of the church bell.  Although it should not have startled or surprised me, it a sense it woke me up. (not that I was sleeping during the sermon)  As the ringing stopped, Grant climbs down from the bell tower knowing that he fulfilled his calling, that for the past 5 minutes he was fully awake, fully alive and fully engaged.

What I learned from that experience was this. In my tiredness I do not need more sleep and rest, I actually need the opposite.  To be fully awake, fully alive, fully engaged. 

In Ephesians 2:4, 5a we hear these words:  But because of his great love for us, God who is rich in mercy, made us alive in Christ.  Hopefully, some time soon Covid-19 will be an after thought and although it has made me very tired, it has also served a call be alive in Christ.  To continue his work of bringing the Kingdom to ILM.

By: Rev. John Daniels, Minister of Administration

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