In Wilmington As It Is In Heaven

Have you ever read the end of the Bible?  Much of the book of Revelation takes place in what you and I would call heaven. Much of what we think of when we think of heaven comes from this book.  But have you ever noticed the imagery that John (the author of Revelation) uses to describe the place.  He didn’t talk about a nice beach or a mountain scene.  He didn’t even use the image that the Bible begins with, a garden.  The picture of heaven that John paints for us is a city.

Heaven it seems isn’t primarily some place of luxurious peace and quiet.  It’s a place filled with people, all kinds of people, every kind that worship Jesus as Lord.  The garden that started off with two people who had everything they needed has been replaced with a vast multitude.  And yet despite that multitude there is still peace and abundance.

Every Sunday I’m given the chance to pray for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven or as a friend of mine says: “we pray make up there come down here.”  But what if we gave hands and feet to that prayer.  What if we let God work in us to make that happen?  What would be the result? I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I think it would look like what’s been happening right here in our city. 43editlr-copy

  • Don’t you think the kingdom is coming when every kindergartner at Alderman will be pared with a friend and mentor who will love on them and help them learn to read?
  • Don’t you think the kingdom is coming when an entire Sunday school class leaves the safety and comfort of their homes behind on a Saturday morning and goes and hangs out with people that are different in a place that is outside their comfort zone?
  • Don’t you think the kingdom is coming when a home gets built for a family that doesn’t have one by people who are doing it for no reason other than they want to God’s love to be more than just words, but look like windows, doors, and a roof overhead?

We’ve met so many of our goals to make a difference in education but don’t let that stop YOU from getting involved if God is calling.  We still need school supplies, especially wipes, expo markers, and pencil sharpeners.  And there are many students in other grades that could use help to get to grade level reading or above. So let’s keep giving, responding as God leads.

This Sunday, KOG2ILM takes the form of a dedication of the Habitat for Humanity home we helped build with other local churches.  The dedication is at 2 PM at the corner of 11th and Chestnut.  Hope you can join us because I’d hate for you to miss any opportunity to see ‘up there come down here’!

Blog By: Matt Cook


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