WATCH: A Mother’s Hope For Her Daughters

According to a study by the Southern Education Foundation, a majority (51%) of US Public School students are in poverty.  This is a mind blowing stat.  Everyday there are low income parents who a desperately trying to provide a better opportunity for their children.


Recently, we were blessed to meet a single mom, Aviance, who in spite of her financial challenges was doing all she could to make sure her twin daughters were getting a good education by paying for them to attend Hope Academy.   Hope Academy is a private, faith-based middle school that is focused on helping students who are in poverty.  We spent several days with Aviance and her twin daughters, Tanevia & Tamoria and quickly fell in love with them.  They were so open and generous with their time.  Aviance is a true hero.  We were also inspired by the efforts of the staff and teachers at Hope Academy as they daily put their Christian faith into action.  To learn more about Hope Academy click here.

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