KOG2ILM Mission Trip Update-week 2

After two weeks of diving into the Education needs of our community, I’m being reminded once again just how committed our church is in making a difference in the name of Christ.  The needs in our community are great, but even greater is the love being poured in to students by teachers, administrators, and volunteers. This week did you…

  • See the story of Johana Hayes, last year’s National Teacher of the Year? Her life wasn’t easy, but teachers and friends poured their lives into hers and it made all the difference.
  • Read the story of Tyran Bell who offered to mow lawns to collect money for school supplies?  He saw a need and gave his time and energy to meet it!
  • Feel the love in Chamberlain Collier’s story about working with Teach for America?  She’s changing lives but being changed herself in the process.

What about you?  What’s your story?  It’s not an overstatement to say that just like Johana, and Tyran, and Chamberlain that YOU can make a big difference in the world around you by giving of your time, talents, and resources.

Collectively, that is exactly what is happening through KOG2ILM.  People are responding in an amazing way. Our commitment totals so far:

  • 88 people have now committed to bring school supplies. Thank you!
  • 17 people have now signed up to help provide a back to school lunch for the Alderman faculty. Thank you! 
  • 10 people have signed up to be prayer partners with a teacher. Thank you!
  • 28 people have signed up to mentor a child through the TORO program. Thank you!

The sign-up response has been absolutely fantastic, but what will be even better is seeing the impact God will make through each of us so that His Kingdom may come here (in ILM) as it is in heaven. That’s what Love Does. See you Sunday!

Blog By: Matt Cook

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