As a young child I loved getting brand new supplies to start the school year. There was nothing like opening a box of crayons for the first time. The bright colors, 3748383024_50f07cbafa_zsharp points and the strong smell of fresh crayons was certainly a spark for new creativity. I would pack and repack my pencil pouch making sure the new supplies were organized and ready for a new year of learning. I loved loading my ‘Trapper Keeper’ notebook with fresh paper and dividers for each of my new subjects. We didn’t grow up rich but I don’t recall ever being worried about my parents having the money to buy my school supplies or the necessary things I might need for a new year.

Last week a local young boy logged onto his mom’s Facebook page and made a simple request that has touched the hearts of many in our community. Tyran Bell offered to mow lawns to earn money to buy his school supplies for himself and his brother so his mom wouldn’t have to worry about that this year.7571121124_5a63a47375_b

You can watch Tyran Bell’s story here:

Offering to mow lawns to buys school supplies

The community has generously met the need for Tyran and his brother this year.

Now let’s work together FBC and meet this real need for all the students in our KOG2ILM partnership, Alderman Elementary School.



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