KOG2ILM Mission Trip Update  – Education Week 1

Our first week’s journey into the educational needs in our community is coming to an end.

  • Did you listen to Heather Sutton tell the story of what God is showing her at Alderman?
  • Did you watch the story of a teacher named Lindsay who sees her calling as a teacher to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to her students?
  • Did you read what Annie Adams had to say about the challenges and blessings of working with kids who are fighting to overcome the brokenness of their environment?

Most importantly, have you been thinking and praying about how God might use you to make a difference in the lives of kids in our community through giving of your time, talents, and resources? I hope so! Quite a few people in our church have done just that.  We’ve had an overwhelming first week of commitments to make a difference in our community through educationEducation Red Stamp Rugged

THANK YOU to the…

  • 26 people committed to bring school supplies.
  • 11 people signed up to help provide a back to school lunch for the Alderman faculty. 
  • 4 people signed up to be prayer partners with a teacher. 
  • 15 people signed up to mentor a child this school year through the TORO- Teach One Reach One program. 

Furthermore, our church is so blessed to be filled with educators who make a difference day in and day out, year after year in the lives of ALL students.  So thank you to each of you as we start the school year off again.  Thanks for making the world a better place in Jesus’ name by investing in the lives of kids!

Keep checking back daily for what opportunities to learn and get involved, and may ‘God’s Kingdom come and may his will be done through us right here in Wilmington as it is in heaven’. KOG2ILM  See you Sunday!

By: Matt Cook


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