By: Annie Adams

God uniquely created me to serve those students facing struggles, poverty, and hopelessness.

I have had the privilege with working with high school students since I finished high school almost 20 years ago. I believe God uniquely designed me to work directly with this age. I have had served in many capacities with high school students such as a teacher, Young Life leader, Youth Group Leader, mentor, and coach. While I knew God had formed me to build up and care for this demographic of young people, it became very clear my first year of teaching that He uniquely created me to serve those students facing struggles, poverty, and hopelessness. Ever since then, I have worked with students through agencies/schools who are serving this population. My work with these young people has strengthened my faith in the Lord so much. Having to step into hopeless situations makes you cling ever so tightly to the Lord who is still in control. Bringing hope and light in to dark places is exhausting without His presence so I continually call out and ask for God to show up big in the lives of these students.

One of my favorite students (don’t ever tell her J) is Gekirra. Annie 1She was a freshman at NHHS when I moved back to Wilmington in 2006. It was this year that I started working with Communities In Schools of Cape Fear, a non-profit organization in our community that focuses on assisting the most at-risk kids in our educational system. Gekirra was exhausting, difficult, AND a complete blessing in my life. She kept me on my toes as I had the pleasure to love on her and her family.

There were many challenges trying to mentor this young lady and she needed lots of support and guidance during her years in high school. However, she triumphed and I loved watching her walk across that stage to receive her diploma. Overwhelmingly, what has been the biggest joy has been able to now be a light in her son’s life. Gekai was born in between the time I had my own two children. He is an incredible kid and it is our intention to continue to be involved in his life from buying him Kindergarten school supplies last month till the day he also walks across the stage to receive his diploma. The way God has intertwined our lives is nothing but a beautiful example of Love Does.

By God’s grace, I hope He will allow me to step into the lives of more students and more families. To be a part of redemption as well as an example of hope to a broken world and to remind them that truly LOVE DOES. 

By: Annie Adams

Annie 2

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