Jesus calls us to be salt and light and to provide hope for the hopeless!

I have been involved in ministering to the children and teachers Alderman Elementary for the past 5 years. As our next door neighbor at the Activity Center, Alderman is filled with right at 265 wonderful children and 14 classrooms. The school is small but has some big needs. About 75% of our population is at or below the poverty level. A majority of our kids struggle with basic needs- food, clothing, academic support and, more than anything, consistency in their lives away from school. The Alderman staff is awesome but burdened with lack home involvement and support, as well as, kids dealing with anger and resentment from tough home situations. Early intervention is key to help prevent some others areas of great despair in our area- like incarceration and homelessness.

In my experience as a volunteer God has called me to just show up and fill gaps as needed- to read with kids, give hugs of encouragement, wipe tears and listen. Every week when I come in I can see glimpses of healing broken spirits by simply being one puzzle piece in a support system of people who care and show up consistently. These kids are craving someone to check in on them, read with them, eat lunch with them, someone to provide the encouragement and stability and hope they don’t always get at home.

Jesus calls us to be salt and light and to provide hope for the hopeless. There are a ton of ways you can get involved like mentor a child, be a lunch buddy, a Sunday School class could adopt a classroom to help the teacher with supplies or needs, be a prayer warrior for a staff member, or even greet kids as they get out of the car or off the bus in the morning. The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately the needs are not. I truly believe that we can make a difference by showing Alderman what LOVE DOES- one child, one life at a time.  To get involved visit http://www.becauaselovedoes.org!

By: Heather Sutton



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