In the blistering hot weather this past Saturday members of First Baptist gathered with others from area churches to share Christ’s love in building a wheel chair ramp and painting the inside of the house that will soon be a dream come true for a precious family we have come to love. Margaret Johnson and Sandy Smith share their reflections of this special day below.

There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning than sweating for love with church friends. It has always been  great to be able to work on a Habitat for Humanity House with folks from First Baptist, but last Saturday we enjoyed meeting and working alongside new friends from Scotts Hill Baptist Church, Winter Park Baptist and several others from churches in the 384076624_1d405612c3_bWilmington Baptist Association. All of us from different churches came together for one purpose; to show Christ’s love by helping build a house for Tameka, Kamara and Joshua. Some of us painted on the inside (and yes, there was no air conditioning) while some of the men worked on a wheelchair ramp for Joshua who has cerebral palsy. Everyone was wringing wet, but we were all so happy to play a small part in helping this family’s dream come true. As if the day couldn’t be any better it was made extra special when together we celebrated the birthday of Tameka. The celebration was filled with hugs, laughter, birthday cake and singing loudly, ‘Happy Birthday.’  What a BLESSING!- By: Margaret Johnson

When Stephen and I arrived at the Habitat For Humanity House at Chestnut and 11th around 9:30 am we found Lisa cooling off under a tree with a bottle of water.  She had been painting inside and needed a quick break because she said it was “hot as fire in that house”.  Men and women were inside painting with only two fans blowing hot air around.  Out back were men working on building the ramp for Joshua.  They were in the shade, but with a 110-degree heat index that day, it didn’t really help. So Lisa and I got in my car and went to buy 2 more fans. It’s amazing how much those fans helped circulate the air.

When Tameka and the kids arrived to help, she saw how hot everyone was so she immediately went to get more water.  Margaret remembered we had Gatorade’s and waters leftover back at the Activity Center, so we jumped in my car and off we were to find the largest cooler we had that would fit in my car. Once filled with drinks and ice we headed back to the work site where everyone was so grateful for an iced cold drink!  Just as we cooled down a sweet couple showed up with lunch.  They were from Scotts Hill Baptist Church.  They’re sandwiches, chips aclasped-hands-541849_960_720nd sweet tea hit the spot!  Last week was Tameka’s (the new homeowner) birthday.  I had made a cake and we sang Happy Birthday. I really think that might be her best birthday ever!  Each one of those people that came out Saturday could have stayed home.  They knew how hot it was going to be and that the work ahead wouldn’t be easy. But each one sacrificed BECAUSE LOVE DOES.  I saw the love of Jesus poured out this past Saturday. Truly the hands and feet of Jesus working side by side to help another sister in Christ.  It was pretty cool and I am grateful to be a part of every hot moment! – By Sandy Smith

Sound fun? This coming Saturday, August 6th is our last day to finish the final details to make this dream come true. We need people to help paint inside and to finish the wheelchair ramp and porches. Join us at Chestnut & North 11th Street at 8:00am. Cold drinks and a terrific lunch will be provided by the FBC Friendship Class. 

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