FBC Students Giving Their Lives Away in Guatemala This Week

Lucy Womble, a Junior at Laney High School shares why she loves serving this week in Guatemala.

“This is my second time to go on the Guatemala mission trip.  LucyI’m so glad to be spending it with my wonderful youth family. The first day was kind of rough because we had almost no sleep and we traveled all day. We arrived in Guatemala and got to the mission house safely after a bumpy ride on very poor roads.  Day one on the work site was great! Even though we only had one drill for half the day and were short some of our supplies, my team built one house and started another. I played and tried to communicate with the children there, who were so cute and sweet. At night, we gathered together and listened to stories about some of the adults’ journey in their faith. On day two, my team finished the second house and started another at a different work site. I met the family there and again I played with the children in between working on the house. By the end of the day, we finished our third house. Yesterday was our free day and went zip lining I was so excited. Tomorrow we finish our houses and dedicate them to God. I love Guatemala so much and I feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to come back and to help change the lives of people in this community.”- Lucy Womble
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