FBC Mom shares how God continues to do Immeasurably More through the Children’s Ministry of First Baptist Church. 

Let me start by saying you never know what children will say or do…especially mine! However, they each have had their moments when I have been blessed knowing what  they are learning from our church. One afternoon we were walking back to my parent’s house after the 4th of July parade in Southport, there were several routes we could take to get back to the house. It was such a gorgeous day and the road alongside the river is always so scenic. I remember saying to my family “Let’s walk back to Robert and Beck-Beck’s house on the water”. My oldest son, Mason, who was 5 at the time, said “Mama, you know that only Jesus can walk on water”. Clearly, this was something he learned in Sunday School or CrossTraining Kids hat seemed to literally resonate in his 5-year-old mind.

On a more serious note, last year, when I picked up my daughter, Bella, from the church lock-in, we immediately left to board a plane for a family trip. While waiting in the airport, I noticed her feverishly working hard making something out of paper. She informed me that she had just learned to make paper crosses to spread the Love of Jesus. The next thing I knew she was passing these crosses out in the airport to complete strangers! I was a bit nervous at first as you never know how people will react, but I must say she put a smile on so many travelers in the airport that day but I couldn’t have been more proud. That particular moment, my own daughter taught me! God keeps doing IMMEASURABLY MORE than we ask or imagine.- by Coo Hocker


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