When you hear the words power lunch many images come to mind. Business people making important decisions, perhaps it’s running errands and checking off a to-do list, or a quick nap that gives you the power to finish the day. Last week POWER LUNCH was redefined when FBC members and many others throughout our community provided a much-needed POWER LUNCH for the Mission Serve teams. The food was nourishment for the body but the prayers, words of scripture and naming the ways God was at work were the real POWER in these lunches that kept the mission serve teams going. Thank you to all of the many people, churches and groups from within FBC and our community for serving in this powerful way. Tara Tuttle served as the coordinator for all of the lunch teams last week. Tara shares her reflections and gratitude for the overwhelming generosity..

“JustTara and NAthan_edited over 1,000 lunches were prepared with love and delivered to 20 different locations in the city with a smile from Sunday through Friday last week at Mission: Serve ILM!  
147 individuals from 10 different churches, 4 different local businesses and 5 different community groups made up ONE mighty team of lunch time champions! Our goal was to pair each of the 15 Mission Serve work crews with a local church near the home site where they would be working. Several local churches enthusiastically agreed to build host teams and be a part of what God was up to in our community. In the eleventh hour, and through the power prayer and by help of social media and networking people from all over our community literally stepped up to the plate!
Many lunch host volunteers had no connection to FBC, or any church for that matter! Other businesses and community groups heard what was going on and simply wanted to give back to the community that they love and believe in. Last but certainly not least, many of our very own FBC adult Sunday school classes closed the gap after already donating drinks and baked goods and choosing to love on these kids in a special way and serve up some sweet Jesus filled hospitality.
One volunteer said- “I can’t swing a hammer, or bear to be in that heat but I sure do love to cook and feed people!”. That’s what community is all about- everyone coming together- using their gifts and sharing their hearts in their own special ways to literally be the Kingdom of God at work.
We are so thankful and overwhelmed by outpouring of such simple love! What a miracle to witness all the “loaves and fishes” coming together to nourish the “hands and feet” that were serving in our city! God is Good! ‘- Tara
#whyIserve    #becauselovedoes   #immeasurablymoreFBC

Lunch kids


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