ON THE FRONT LINES-First Baptist Church Students share God’s love through Mission Serve this week in Washington, DC

Last week First Baptist Church Student Ministry hosted Mission Serve when they came as missionaries to our community to be the presence of Christ to homeowners all over our city by repairing homes and sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Our students and many others plugged in BEHIND THE SCENES making sure all details were handled daily so that the Mission Serve Teams could do the work they came to do.

While the Wilmington Mission Serve teams prepared to13615418_1153226291365040_8795187971534300634_n return home Saturday morning the FBC Activities Center was still buzzing with activity when First Baptist Church students and their leaders loaded the big bus to head out for our turn to be ON THE FRONT LINES of Mission Serve. Please pray for our students, their leaders and all students across the country who have joined Mission Serve this week in Washington, DC.

Today, in between water breaks a few of our FBC students and leaders took time to reflect on the question WHY I SERVE… 

Why I Serve I think God puts us in just the right place that he needs us. He brings all the pieces together just like the perfect puzzle.

Why I Serve Because I am called to by my Lord. Doing for the least of these is doing for Him.

Why I Serve To show God’s love because it is through him the salvation happens. It isn’t that we are here to just fix someone house, that really is a by product of our ultimate goal which is to expand Gods Kingdom.

Why I ServeBecause love does! The home owner gave us an email that she sent to her pastor that she wanted us to read on the way home. It said the that she had prayed for months about getting some help to fix her house. She also said that she had applied to a program to help with repairs months prior and that she had received notification in the mail on Saturday she had been chosen. She reading the notice as we were pulling up in her yard to do the work. She was overjoyed with the job we were doing. Three kids even prayed for the home owner when we finished the day.

Why I S13613180_1220600594617453_1195602328950079695_o - Copyerve Because love does! I knew weeks ago I that I wanted my team to try to be the light and step out of their normal box this week. I of course, didn’t know how or if that would happen. However, God had plans. I came on the trip as a parent so I could make sure my son would go. I never anticipated that I would be a squad leader. We went to church on Sunday with another group that are spending the week with. Our main leader had to drive back home a sick kid from the night before. We pulled up to the church and the kids and I get out and go inside. While the other two adults tried to find a place to park the bus, the pastor immediately approaches me and basically says that he will call me up front during the service to speak about what we are doing for the week in the District. So one minute I am a parent, the next a squad leader, and then a quest speaker at West Hyattsville Baptist Church to 150 church goers. Talk about stepping way out my box? It is clear it to me that it was God’s plan all along for  that I step out of my box this week….WHY? Because love does.

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